Our Brands

Raw Cask

Our leading brand, which is the key focus of our company, is our internationally-acclaimed Raw Cask whisky. These are whiskies from the old school, as they would have been drawn from a cask behind a bar in Scotland back in the 1800s. This was before whisky was chill filtered or heavily filtered – a process which removes a lot of the naturally-occurring oils and esters from the whisky, which is where the flavours are held. To prove that we do not filter our Raw Cask whiskies, you will discover some of the cask sediment in every bottle – this is our assurance of its completely natural and ‘raw’ state. It is the King of Single Casks!


When we come across a whisky that is extra special, we bottle it under our Statement label. It is a step up from the Raw Cask range – the King of Kings!


Many whiskies have legends created and crafted around them and we thought that Blackadder should be no different – after all, we are selling Scotland’s legendary spirit!

This is our legend of Blackadder...

“Long, long ago, in days since hidden by the swirling mists of time, the trusted sword of Blackadder went fourth and vanquished the dark forces of evil and justly ruled over the lands of Northern Scotia.”

Peat Reek

Peat Reek is the smell of burning peat, the flavours of which are imparted to malting barley as it is slowly dried while the smoky reek of the peat is drawn over it. For Blackadder Peat Reek, we select only casks of whisky produced using malted barley that has been heavily impregnated with the phenols and creosols of a gently-smouldering peat fire. We offer Peat Reek in both Raw Cask and 46% Vol versions. Our regular version of Peat Reek is Single Islay Malt Whisky. However, now that there are many excellent non-Islay Peated Malts available, we are pleased to also offer a non-Islay version of Peat Reek.

Peat Reek Embers

Peat Reek Embers are specially-selected casks from our already well-known Peat Reek portfolio. These are casks that we feel stand out from amongst a selection of which we are already very proud. This in no way means we think they are better than others in the Peat Reek selection. All have the heavily-peated quality that is a hallmark of Peat Reek, but some of the Embers range have been given cask finishes selected to help further complement the whisky. As with the burning embers of a fire, the finish lingers long after the last sip.

Smoking Islay

The pinnacle of very smoky Islay malt whisky. To ensure continued supply, we have to be a bit secretive about exactly what is contained in each cask. Perhaps that is part of the fun in enjoying a dram or two of Smoking Islay – trying to guess what is in your glass!


This classic Speyside malt whisky is exclusive to Blackadder. It is produced at the very heart of Speyside using the skills and traditions passed down by generations of family distilling. We bottle this whisky at differing ages and from different cask styles. Each whisky is its own canvas, with its flavours and colours indelibly etched and hued.

The Old Man of Hoy

This exceptionally individual whisky takes its name from the spectacular sea stack that lies off the coast of Hoy in the Orkneys. We select The Old Man of Hoy only from single casks of single malt whisky distilled close by on the island of Orkney. Its Orcadian character is its pedigree. As with all Blackadder whiskies, no colourings are added and we do not use chill filtration when bottling.

A drop of the Irish

Irish whiskey distillers have always fiercely and jealously guarded the independence of their spirit. They produce a different style of whiskey to that of their Scottish cousins. We want you to celebrate that difference, but we also want you to enjoy Irish whiskey as it was always traditionally enjoyed. So, just as with our fine Scotch single malt whiskies, we never alter the spirit of Ireland when we put it in the bottle. A Drop of the Irish is just that!


Blackadder is immensely proud to have casks of Amrut Indian single Malt Whisky as part of our portfolio. Founded in Bangalore 1948, this multi award winning distillery just keeps going from strength to strength, producing some of the best Whisky we have ever tasted. We look forward to continuing our exciting relationship with Amrut Distillers for many years to come.

English Whisky

We are very proud to be working with The English Whisky Co. – England’s oldest whisky distillery. Founded by the Nelstrop family in 2006, The English Whisky Co. built the beautiful St George’s Distillery specifically to make the very finest whiskies. The site is perfectly suited to whisky production, with the county of Norfolk being one of the world’s finest barley growing regions, coupled with the Breckland aquifer which can be found 50ft beneath the distillery providing a plentiful supply of crystal clear water. to come.

Black Snake

Black Snake is produced from a Vatting of casks finished in a Single Butt. It starts its life in first-fill ex-Bourbon casks. We then put three of them into new Oloroso or PX butts and leave for around a year for further maturation before bottling two thirds of the cask. We call these “Vats” as they are a kind of mini Solera. After each bottling we add two more ex-Bourbon casks, always of the same whisky, and leave for around another year before again bottling two thirds of the Vat. All future bottlings from each vatting of Black Snake will therefore contain some spirit that was in previous expressions from the Butt. From time to time the Butt is renewed. Each edition bottling of Black Snake is called “Venom”, as in a snake’s poison. A touch of Blackadder humour! The first bottling from each Vat is called “First Venom”, the second “Second Venom” and so on.

Red Snake

Red Snake is the sister to our Black Snake whisky. As with its older brother, Red Snake only comes from top-class, first-fill ex-Bourbon casks. However, unlike its brother, each Red Snake comes from just one single cask. Part of the enjoyment of Red Snake is the special cask finishes that we offer from time to time.

Sherry Snake

Sharing the same heritage as our Black Snake and Red Snake whiskies, Sherry Snake is bottled from First Fill Sherry Butts. We wanted to have a fully Sherry-influenced Snake to complete our collection of superior malts supplied to us by our friends at one of Scotland’s most celebrated distilleries.


In mythology a Chimera was a monstrous creature made up of multiple animals. Don’t worry though, we at Blackadder haven’t gone mad! Today’s Chimera is a single organism made of mixed species, the result of which is always breathtaking. As we are best known for our single cask bottlings we felt Chimera would be the perfect name for this exciting range of exclusive vatted malt whiskies, which is available as both 46% and also Raw Cask.

Blackadder Chimera, beautifully crafted vatted malts.

Puff Adder

A puff of smoke and buttery, sweet vanilla with no bite, just a long lingering finish…

Puff Adder is a tantalising vatting of Single Malt Whiskies. The malts are carefully selected and blended then bottled using minimal filtration, and without added colour, so as not to lose the oils and esters we cherish.

Raw Cask Rum

As good as whisky is, there are also other spirits to be discovered. Over recent years, we have focussed on developing a unique range of rums under our Raw Cask trademark. Just as our Raw Cask whiskies offer the fullest possible cask flavours in each bottle, so our Raw Cask rums share the same broad spectrum of exquisite tastes.

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