That’s the spirit!

Double win for Blackadder at Whiskies of the World 2021

It was double celebration time for Blackadder as The Legendary Single Malt was awarded Gold and Black Snake Vat No. 14 Third Venom  Silver Outstanding in the 2021 Whiskies of the World competition. The Legendary was voted “an excellent product that is among the best; remarkable”, while the Black Snake was “very good, with a complexity that is better than most”.

Blackadder founder Robin Tucek said: “I’m delighted that once again our whiskies have been honoured at this prestigious event. And a big thank you to our US importer, Raj Sabharwal of Glass Revolution, for entering them on our behalf.”

Said Raj: “All the kudos goes to the Blackadder team and the great whiskies they select.”

Whiskies of the World is a series of hugely popular festivals featuring whiskies from around the world, including Scotland, Ireland, the USA, Canada and Japan. The awards are produced in conjunction with IWSC (International Wine and Spirits Competition), the most prestigious, largest and longest-running spirits competition in the world.

So let’s raise a dram to more Blackadder success in the future!