Praise for our Panama Rum

Our Raw Cask 15-Year-Old Panama Rum received the following glowing tasting note on the Rob Report, thanks to our friend Raj Sabharwal of Glass Revolution Imports. The Robb Report is the leading voice in the global luxury market, with a discerning audience around the world sharing an appreciation and desire for quality, exclusivity, heritage, taste and fine design.

“Much of the rum coming out of Panama has sugar added after distillation, which makes for a sweeter but less authentic experience. Here’s a chance to try Panamanian rum in all its glory ­ at cask strength (50.5 percent ABV in this case), non-chill filtered and unadulterated with sugar or other additives. Blackadder, a famed importer of single cask rums and whiskies, also bottled excellent 11-, 13- and 20-year-old expressions, but the 15 is the Goldilocks of the bunch, with a powerful oak influence that doesn’t overshadow the distillate itself. Produced at an unnamed distillery and aged both in Panama and Scotland, where it was bottled, its dark, almost coffee-like colour gives a hint of what’s to come. There is indeed mocha on the palate, along with dark chocolate, dried berries, a hint of eucalyptus and a spicy finish courtesy of the oak. It’s rich, beautifully balanced, velvety on the tongue and needs no water to rein it in. Only 288 bottles are available worldwide – in each one, expect to find a bit of barrel sediment, a by-product of Blackadder’s commitment to non-filtered spirits.”